Tutorial to Unlock SIM in Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Do you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from any Carrier? Then your device must have been locked for a particular network since almost all Carriers don’t want the users to use other SIMs in their Galaxy Note 3. Then the only option left for you to use SIMs from other networks in your Note 3 is to Unlock your device.

Samsung Galaxy Note III

You must be thinking how to unlock your Galaxy Note 3 SIM since it demands some cost. Don’t worry, we have an option left using which you can Unlock the SIM in your Galaxy Note 3 device devoid of any extra cost. Just go through the below given tutorial and you will be able to do the same free of cost.

However, you must remember that Unlocking the SIM in your device doesn’t mean that it’s liable to be used with any network because the Note 3 doesn’t support all networks or carriers.  So before going through the Unlocking process, you must check the SIM band (2G, 3G or 4G) of your device.

Here you will find two unlocking processes that will tell you how to unlock your device with both free and paid methods. Let’s have a look on both.


  • First of all launch the dialer of your Phablet.
  • Then enter the code *#197328640# in it.
  • Now press the Menu softkey.
  • Tap the Back key.
  • After open the Key input by pressing the Menu option.
  • Now enter 1 & press OK.
  • Again tap the Menu option and press Back.
  • Now tap [1] UMTS, tap [1] Debug Screen, tap [8] Phone Control and tap [6] Network Lok
  • Next click Options and after tap [3] Perso SHA256 OFF
  • Now tap Menu and Back.
  • Press [6]COMMON
  • Tap [4]NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ.

We hope you will get successful with the process. If you get successful then you will find the text “Asterisk Pound One Nine Seven Three Two Eight Six Four Zero Pound” on your screen. Now the device itself will get restarted and will boot to normal mode.

N.B: Though the process is easy yet you must remember that the Unlocking process via the free process is your own risk and BlogZamana will not remain responsible if your device experiences any brick or damage.

But if the free process doesn’t work, then you can purchase an unlock code and the process is too easy to catch. To find the IMEI code for your Galaxy Note 3 go to Settings => About Device => Status or you can find the same by typing *#06# on the dial pad of your device.

This is all about the two processes. Go through the same and let’s know if you stood successful in the experimentation.


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