Power up Your Pixel Phone Experience with Hidden Superpowers

Today we are going to take a closer look at the pixel software settings in the Android overview area, especially in the rich area. The interface seems to be easy to switch between the recently installed apps on the Pixel phone, which saves time and flies like any other phone. So in case you wanna power up your Pixel Phone experience, then check out hidden superpowers you can try on.

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Fast copy of text

Let’s start with a simple but extremely useful function for fast copy of text from anywhere. Of course, you can use it to type words from something like a webpage or a document. But you can also use it to select everything and copy from an image, a snapshot that you previously saved, or even an Android site. This usually prevents you from selecting and copying text, for example, to a specific screen in the system preferences.

Whatever the case, simply open your Pixel landscape view an inch or less below the screen, and then stop it if you’re using the current Android gesture system. Or do it by pressing the two buttons at the bottom of the screen below. You still keep the old version of the three-button- then click and enter the words you want in the view of the last program you used.

If you have Android 11 or higher installed on your phone, the selected text should be displayed. Then, you can slide your finger to zoom in or out as needed. You can also use the relatively new “Select” command at the bottom of the pixel overview interface to select all visible text on the screen. Either way, after selecting the text, just press the “copy” command in the menu that appears, and then have a moderate little celebration.

Then you can go to any app you want-such as a written email, messaging program, or other writing tool-and click anywhere to organize the text and drag the command “click” and send the item you want. They were relocated where they needed to go.

Fast text sharing

In addition to copying and pasting text anywhere, Pixel’s overview feature also allows you to share text and send it openly to other applications and processes on your phone. This is the easiest way to get the information you need where you need it, particularly if the ultimate goal is a new email, text, or message.

Doing this is like eliminating a bit of Pixel magic: open the preview interface again, and tap and hold your finger on any text you want to copy in the preview of the most recently used application. The only difference this time is to select “Share” from the menu that appears, and then select the application you want to send the text to.

Translating Language genie

This is a Pixel feature that you may not be familiar with-if you highlight few text from a Pixel phone in a non-native language, your phone will translate the text on the spot.

Smooth text operator

This is perhaps my favorite blocked Pixel option, because once you get used to it, it can really save you steps and time. So it’s like this: Whenever you get some text related to some action on your phone, you can highlight it in the overview of the Pixel interface (use the same as we used in the previous Superpowers Procedures), and then look for a special possibility to act in any most significant way.

Instant image index

if you see anything related to images in this app-websites, social media feeds, or even screenshots with pictures-you can print the image in the pixel overview area. Preview to share or simplify.

This is a great way to store everything you find, even when you normally can’t easily find photos, and then send a note, email, message, or anywhere else you want.

Smart image finder

Google’s Smart image finder technology integrates directly into the display area of ​​your Pixel phone to help restore images from the applications you use. Review your Pixel. Drag any image you see into the interface when viewing the app. This is why “lenses” appear as an option. If you can understand it, Google’s first smart system will do a lot of environmental work.

It identifies a mark, picture, or a plant or animal, if there is a picture, and then provides additional information about the item.

This will show you the image information in Google Image Search and the link with the same image on your screen – you can compare prices by including shopping links and buy items in images at the right time. You can

It scans you with a barcode or QR code – no need to bother with third party software.

It will allow you to read aloud the text in your image.

This sends the text inside the image to a computer you are connected to (in Chrome) for seamless multiplication.

The app info shortcut

Does the app need access to the info screen – maybe it needs to update its audio notification or permission or open the Play Store page, search for updates or check other login information?

When using an application, the fastest way is to open a familiar area in the pixel, click the application icon at the top, and then click “Application Information” from the drop-down menu to select “.

Quick screen splitter

One of the most overlooked features of Android is a system-level option to split the screen in two and view two applications at the same time. This is not something you often need, but when the time is right-for example, working on a document while referring to a webpage or email, or viewing a picture while viewing a spreadsheet.

Return to your beautiful character along the form, first tap the program icon you want to use in split screen format, and then tap “Split Screen” in the menu that appears. The application goes to the top of the screen and then you can choose the other program with which you want to complete the image.

The pausing authority

The next item is another Android option that is often overlooked. This allows you to temporarily pause a single application, which means the application icon will be grayed out. And the application will not be able to send you notifications until you close it or the end of the day-whichever comes first. This is a great way to get rid of the fear of people on social media, work Slack channels, or any other power that requires your attention during working hours.

The power of the stop program is usually two taps available for your Pixel public area. Navigate to the general view, tap your favorite function on the icon for which program you want to stop, and then click on the “Stop app” option. If you decide to stop the program before the end of the day, just find and lock its icon on your home screen or applause and your phone will ask you to open the app.

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