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Qualcomm reveals the Global LTE Chip RF360

LTE Chip RF360

For the users, the long term evolution (LTE) is definitely a great discovery. It allows high speed browsing upto 100 MBPS., taking your internet browsing experience to a next level. It makes life easy. But to provide the facility, especially with the global version, the manufacturers do really work hard. In different countries, the different bands and frequencies make the manufacturer’s task harder.

However, the chipset maker Qualcomm is going to solve this problem. Its RF360 is going to be the solution for this, reveals the company. Now it’s to be seen how well the chip covers the LTE’s frequency. The giants in this manufacturing arena like Apple also has to face challenge on this regard as it’s known that the company possesses three different versions to accommodate almost 40 different LTE bands globally, with its iPhone 5.

Qualcomm has definitely scratched its brain a lot to design what it says the first global LTE chip. It’s said to have been designed with a single system level solution which can afford 2G, 3G, and 4G for all standards like, FDD-LTE, WCDMA, CDMA, TDD-LTE, EV-DO, TD-CDMA, GSM, and EDGE.

According to Qualcomm, there are components with a few features which have been packed for the first time in global market and these are supposed to enable the companies for making slimmer products with improved antenna performance. The company also claims that the battery back-up and connectivity of the products can be improved, making use of it.

Though it hasn’t been applied in any device yet, still considering the claims to be real, the product is supposed to be much useful for the makers. Plus, it can be combined with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets as well. Qualcomm is expected to have designed it keeping the high-end devices in mind.

This interesting product is speculated to hit the shelves during the second half of the year. It’s hope that the biggies will for sure use the chip to equip their products. And we wait desperately to see, who is gonna be the numero uno manufacturer to use this hardware product.

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