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QuickClick: Launching Apps and Cam with Volume Buttons

Perhaps, the only buttons in our phones that come handy in any situation are the volume buttons that protrude in the sides of most smart phones. They come to the rescue when we need to turn our phone to vibration mode instantly or decrease our speaker volumes and for all other sound related tasks. And to imagine it to be some all-rounder techie tool doing every work sure sweetens up the mind.

We bring to your notice one such Android app that makes your volume button an all-powerful super hero that launches Apps and Cam all by itself-the QuickClick App. This App is available free for download and helps customizing your volume buttons to launch and open applications. Once the actions to be performed and app to be used are set up in the device, the chosen app can be opened and worked on using the volume buttons, from any screen, including the lock screen as well. It will only take a sequence of volume button clicks to trigger actions in the chosen application.

It assists you to use your volume buttons for taking photos or making videos, toggling flashlight on and off, recording an audio, launching applications, making calls, etc.


Download the QuickClick App from Google Playstore for free.


  • After downloading the app and installing it, run the app. At the outset, ‘create a new action’ option will be spotted. You will have to tap on that option and customize your volume buttons for specific actions you want to assign them.
  • The screen after that would require you to set the wanted changes in the chosen application like you want to launch the camera, you would like to set the flash conditions, image quality, auto focus etc.
  • After saving your settings, tap on the next button and use your volume button sequence to launch that particular app with the help of volume keys only.
  • Similarly, you can add other applications you would like to work on with your volume buttons and save them.

This does the thing for you. Now, you have empowered your volume buttons to launch apps for you in a jiffy, saving you from going all the way to the app to work on it. You can customize your most frequently used and urgent apps to work on with your volume keys to make things happen faster.

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