Samsung’s Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge to Churn Out a big chunk of Handset Memory!

Well readers! In few of my previous articles, I had informed you that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge are creating hullabaloo around the corner and that was a positive thought. But now when I tell that both the devices again create hullabaloo in the market even post release, things seem bit diluted! Right? But don’t worry. It’s a true. How will you feel, if I say that the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge which are eagerly being awaited by the Indians to hit their home market will carry very little memory for them to consume?

Yes guys, it’s true. What the latest reports reveal, the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge are going to churn out a big chunk of their default memory for the Applications and Operating System. Now you will ask how much? Then know that all the devices will consume almost almost 9GB memory for OS and Apps. If calculated accordingly, then the 32GB galaxy S6 & S6 Edge will bring only 23GB space for the users to use. Simultaneously, the 64GB models will provide only 55GB and the 128GB devices will provide only 119GB storage space for the users. That will be all what you can use for storing your personal data, other apps, music, videos etc.

Isn’t it shocking? Yes I think because Samsung has definitely made a big compromise with the handset after not adding a SD card support to its latest flagships. This is what makes the users double think before putting their handsets on the handset, basically the music and video lovers. Of course the space provided above for usage by users is enumerated and might differ bit as per the region and carrier of the device, but it will be only within 2GB. Do you think it’s sufficient?

While many emerging Smartphone manufacturers come into the market with ample disc space for their customers, it will be of course interesting to see to what extent these latest flagships of Samsung are adored by users despite of its low disc space.

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