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Send or Receive All File Formats to/from Almost All Android Devices via Xposed Repo

Are you an Android handset user? Do you often use the Bluetooth of your device to transfer data from your device to another or vice versa? Do you have ever faced issue while transferring data via Bluetooth? We suppose you might have been, since it’s one of those common issues ever complained by users. If you face such issues, then nothing to worry since I have come up with a solution for you. Now transferring and receiving data using Bluetooth will be both easy and hassle free. What you have to do in all is to download an app called the Xposed Repo and follow the below given guide. But for that you must ensure that your device has been rooted. That’s it!!

The issue in fact occurs in stock firmware devices since the manufacturers block sending/receiving of certain files. But now you can easily transfer your  files using the app Xposed Repo. The app assists you to select your desired file type to receive in your device and also allows you to select notifications while receiving the incoming files. To get details on how to use the app, go through the guidelines below.

  1. First of all download the app called Xposed Repo and install it on your device.
  2. On opening the app, you will find an array of all file folders in your device in a drop-down list. Choose any folder from the list and you can see the elements inside it. Here you will get the option to choose which files to send.
  3. So now choose the file types you want to send. This app assists you to send all file formats from your device to another device via Bluetooth.  So choose your desired file formats by ticking the box at right hand panel of each file and click send.

That’s it! Now your files will be transferred successfully to the device you want. But before that ensure (as said before) that your device has been rooted. If you have any queries regarding how to root your device, then mention your handset name and model number in the comment section and I shall get back with the procedure for you.

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