Stop Apps using Internet via NoRoot Firewall App

The whole android system is huge to understand and there are lot of such facts that must be unknow to you. Have you ever saw that in your android smartphone, the apps starts using your data plan as soon as the internet is enabled. This actually happens because the phones are designed as such. No such apps exists in android that do not use internet for free. Cutting internet data is compulsory. So to block the internet assess in few apps, NoRoot Firewall android app comes into rescue.

The best part of the NoRoot Firewall android app is that your phone needed not have rooted by any means to use the app. This will definitely save you from chaos. You should download the app from Google play store and install the app. Once it is done then it will ask for the permissions to make a new VPN connection automatically. This app will request for the internet access that is seen in notification where you have got to let or reject the right to use from the awaiting access tab. From there you can manually select the apps you want to reject or let the use of internet.

This was how you will use the NoRoot Firewall app with ease using simple interface. I m afraid 4G users could make use of this app as its restricted from the developer. Sooner the LTE users can use the app as the fix is going on. The personal information is saved and the apps create sieve regulations based on IP address, host name or domain name.

The app requires android 4 or higher version to download and with minimum space of 2 MB is memory.

Download NoRoot Firewall from Google Play store for free

Another app called DroidWall is also an android app to allow restriction of internet access by the apps as per user need. This uses less battery power and perfect app if you have no unlimited data plan. Download Droid Wall- Android Firewall from Google play store.

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