The Only Tree in World that Tweets like Humans, Provides Timely Update

You must be shocked hearing this. Tweets and that a tree! How is it possible! Is it really possible that a tree can tweet like a human? If it’s so then they must feel like humans also. I am right? Of course the trees never complain about rough weather, heavy rain or high heat, but it’s true that they can also feel the heat like humans andn feel suffocated for breathing.

There is a tree in the Howard forest of Peteras in Massachusetts that tells people about its life. This tree tweets about every single moment of weather forcast, but how? Let’s know in detail.This tree from the Howard forest of Peteras in Massachusetts is known as Red Oak. This tree provides information about hot winds and weather through tweet. This tree also has a tweeter handle @awitnesstree. Tweeting treeThe tree tweeted on 22nd July “The last 2 days were extremely hot for July. When is this heatweave going to end?” Another tweet read, “Yesterday, it was very hot. With a daily average of 27 ℃, it was the 24th hottest day I can remember.”

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This tree has represented itself as one of the oldest living organisms on the internet. Height of this tree is 85 feet and it’s the oldest tree in the forest. In the year 1938, a furious cyclone with 186 kilometer per hour devasted the entire forest, but this tree stood majestic. A numbe of sensors are fitted to this tree which provide data to a bot and the bot makes the tweet. This tree also has tweeted on 24 July that the width of its roots has increased to 1.5 mm.

Tim Redimaker, a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University and University of Northern Arizona marked this tree to be very different from other trees present in the forest. After researching on many trees, they considered this one to be the best suitable one for tweeting. Journalist Linda Maps has written a book on the tree which is named as “The Witness’s Tree: Seasons of Change with a Century-Old Oak”.

This tree has different automated sensors which provides data 6 times a week. One such sensor is there in the tree which measure the level of water in the tree and the forest and also this sensor informs how the tree survives in drought. Sensors fitted to this tree are named dendromaters which measures seasonal and daily fluctuations in tree stem and branches.

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One camera is also fitted to the tree which is called PhenoCam and it helps the tree to capture its pic in every 30 minutes and uses these photos for tweeting. This camera also gives information on the soil temperature, humidity and air speed.

This project aims at researching on other than humans, their thought, behaviour and the way the weather affects them. This experiment also ca be made on birds and animals in future except for trees.

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