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Google launches New Social Media Platform after Google+, Will Connect Offline

Undoubtedly Social Media has connected people socially across the globe, but in real they are at far distance. But Google has developed a new app which will connect people in the real world. Google’s in-house team Area 120 Unit has developed this Social Media Networking platform named Shoelace which will help people in real life.

In Shoelace app which is based on personal interest of users include equivalent activities. For instance, if someone has entered into a new city and want to make new friends then he can use this Shoelace app. 

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According to Shoelace website, this app is extremely secure and after installing this app everyone is asked to join the its community using a complete verification process. At this moment the Shoelace app is only launched in America and users can join it only after getting an invite.

This app is available both for the Android and iOS users. In order to join this platform, every user must have a Google Account. Google has launched the Shoelace app after shutting down the Google+ app. As Google+ had considerably less viewers in comparison to Twitter and Facebook and it had some major security bugs.

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But the previous year, after 5.25 crore Google+ user’s account got affected because of a bug Google decided to shot this down. But before Google+, the search giant had developed a new Networking platform Buzz which was launched on 9 February 2010. But it was also stopped following some networking issues.

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