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Things that you must know about Apple’s MacOS 10.14 Mojave

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Apple’s macOs Mojave, latest version of the Mac operating system was just recently released for users. There’s a bunch of many newly added features in the MacOS which will help users to be productive and secure.

Now to tell about the newly added features, the MacOS Mojave includes a new Dark Mode, Finder, quick look, safari, new ways to take screenshots, using the iPhone and Mac seamlessly and facility to port iOS apps to the Mac, a new News app and a redesigned Mac App Store. It was last upgraded back in June 2018 at the WWDC developer’s conference and this blockbuster update has been pushed recently.

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To get experience of the new version of the macOS, you can try the macOS beta version. Though you wouldn’t get much for joining the beta program now, it will still allow you to try any updates to Mojave before others as Apple works on adding many new features over the next few days.

The MacOS Mojave is available as a free software update like iOS 12 and list of the supported Macs for the software are those which got introduced in mid 2012 or before plus the 2012 Mac Pro models. The list also include MacBook Air, MacBook, the new MacBook Pro, and the older MacBook Pros as well.

Dark Mode of the new MacOS Mojave makes it easier to your eyes, especially when you work in low light conditions such as in dark room or in planes. The other feature that comes with a new stacks feature including clutter free desktop experience which automatically organise files into orders and file type.

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It introduced dynamic desktop features where a series of images shift to match the time of day wherever a user is in the world. In addition to the quick action feature that will let users do things like create and password protect for PDFs, a new continuity camera feature also is added through which a user shoots or scan a nearby object or document using their iPhone.



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