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Update Your LG G2 Smartphone via OTA Relase & Custom ROMs

Are you the proud owner of a LG G2 Smartphone? Is your Smartphone burdened with a new Android OS which you wanna update in your device? Updating your device with the new firmware definitely fixes the bugs in your device and enriches the feature category of your Smartphone. Then how have you thought of updating your device?

Updating with the OTA release is undoubtedly the easiest way, but OTA releases are not that much popular. In that case, you can adopt other procedures like Manual Update which assists you to fix your bricked device via Official Android software or to restore the Stock OS on your handset. Also you can opt for flashing a Custom ROM like CM11, AOPK or ParanoidAndroid in your Smartphone that helps you in customizing your Smartphone.

Here in this article I shall let you explain how you can safely and easily update your LG G2 Smartphone device via  OTA Relase, and Custom ROMs. While updating your device with a Custom ROM, you must remember that it can only be done with a rooted LG G2 handset. Apart, you must install CWM Recovery or any other custom recovery image in your device. Since this is an unofficial procedure, so the warranty of your device will get void and you might face certain issues in your device. So make sure that BlogZamana will not remain responsible for any such loss. So do rooting very carefully. In case you fail to root then share your views in comment area.

Steps to Update LG G2 Using OTA Release

You need a WiFi connection for the update because using mobile data may be little expensive.

  • First of all tap Menu in your LG G2 device, then go to Settings and choose About Phone.
  • To check any latest firmware notification, hit Software Updates.
  • Now download the firmware and wait still it gets flashed automatically.
  • You will get a prompt for Reboot. Click OK and your device will reboot to the new Android Operating System.

Steps to Update LG G2 using Custom ROMs

  • As a first step towards the update, install CWM Recovery or any other Recovery image in your device (as told earlier).
  • Now download the Custom ROM on your PC and download Google apps package if not incorporated in the update package.
  • No need of unzipping the files.
  • Now connect your Smartphone with your PC via USB Cable and move the files to your phone. Unplug your device.
  • Now take your Smartphone into recovery mode. You can do this by pressing the volume down and power button simultaneously.
  • Wipe the data and clear cache from recovery mode menu. For that select wipe data factory reset and then choose wipe cache partition.
  •  Now opt for advance and then select wipe dalvick cache.
  • Now returning to the main menu in Recovery mode by pressing +++go back+++.
  • Now select “choose zip from SD card” and then click “install zip from SD card.”
  • Then flash the custom ROM after going to the Update File.
  • Install the Google Apps package after & select Reboot System Now.
  • In the end select “reboot system now” and now you will be redirected to the new OS.

Congrats!! You are done. In case find any issues in the updation process, feel free to get back us for a solution.

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