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Wanna turn on Night Mode on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows 10? Here is how You can do so

Almost all Operating System users must have come across the phrase “Night Mode.” Whilst many of us know about the gesture i.e. present in most Smartphones, but many of us don’t know what is it’s use. Also many of you might not have used it even. Right??

But secret behind the feature called “Night Mode” is to protect your eyes from trouble sleeping and at the same time preventing from the circadian rhythm of the body. As in today’s busy world, Smartphones have become the part and parcel of human life, so it’s almost impossible for us to stay away from them. So this is the best possible solution that comes to our eyes.

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But now question arises, how to turn on the “Night Mode” in your OS? The task is not that much difficult actually. Many of you even might be much aware of the steps. Still, here we thought to bring you the steps to activate or deactivate the feature on few of the most popular Operating Systems i.e. Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. Let’s start with Android.

Android Nougat

Enable or disable Night Mode in Android

Night Mode by Google was first introduced in Android Nougat OS though you would find this feature by many a manufacturers in the Marshmallow OS only. So if you a Nougat user and use devices like Xiaomi, OnePlus and HTC, then you will find this feature in the Settings>Display options. However, the feature in the Xiaomi handsets is termed as Reading Mode.

Similarly, the Android Marshmallow Operating system users in the devices like Honor, Asus, Huawei and OnePlus would have equal steps such as Settings>Display. But if you have no in-built Night Mode feature, then  you can use the Google Play Store to download apps such as Twilight, Bluelight Filter etc.


Enable or Disable Night Mode in iOS

If you are an iOS 9.3 user, then you will find blue-light reduction as a feature in your system and you can find it under Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift. This feature will allow you to increase or decrease the warmth of the display.

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This feature is also accessible from the Control Centre. You can do so by swiping from the bottom of the screen and then by taping on Night Shift. Siri is also of helpful for you in this. Just say Turn on Night Shift or Turn Off Night Shift and Siri will do it following your orders.

Mac OS

Enable or Disable Night Mode on MacOS

Now the Night Mode is also available for the Mac users from the version macOS 10.12.4 and later. If you are a Mac user, you can also use this feature on your Mac by toggling it manually from the Today View in Notification Centre. Let’s know how to activate this feature in MacOS.

  • At first click on the Notification Centre icon. It’s located in the right top corner of your Mac as a Bullet Point list.
  • Now scroll down to locate the Night Shift option.
  • To customize the Night Shift option, go to System Preferences > Displays and there you will find the Night Shift option.

Besides you can also take help of Siri to enable or disable the Night Shift mode on MacOS. But if you are using a version below macOS 10.12.4, then you can use a popular third party app called f.lux. The app is free to use and once you run it on your Mac, it will remain in the background.

windows 10

Enable or Disable Night Shift on Windows 10

For the time, Windows 10 does not have an in-built blue-light filter. But Windows 10 will get this mode added in the new Creators update. As soon the creator update is rolled in Windows 10, you can get this feature under the Settings > System > Display headers. At the right hand top corner, the Blue Light option will be available under Colour.

But before the Creators Update, you will find this option under Settings > Personalisation options. But the users who can’t wait till the Creator Update is rolled, they can use the same third party app called f.lux.

If you face any issues in completing the procedure, you can ping us back in the comment section.

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