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How to fix issue of Google Calendar not showing on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Hello iOS device users. If you are a user of the iPhone, iPad or Mac and frequently face the issue of Google Calendar now showing on your devices, then we have a solution for you. It’s bothersome, we understand, but not that much difficult an issue that you must put heads on it. The issue might be occurring due to the Google Sync settings. In fact, Google always keeps sync off by default for new calendars, specially for the shared ones and hence you can’t instantly see the calendars shared with you on your iOS devices. But now you must be thinking how to find out a solution to this issue. It’s very simple actually. Just have a look.

How to Sync Google Calendar to your iOS Device

  • To sync the Google calendar to your iOS device, you need to launch Safari or any other browser you run on your iOS device.
  • Then follow the link google.com/calendar/syncselect and sign in if you have not already.
  • Now tick the boxes that you want to see on your iOS device under the option “Shared Calendars.”

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Now you are all done. If the calendars don’t appear in few minutes, then you have to restart the Calendar App. Generally, the app takes some time to appear on your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

If you have shared a Google Calendar which you want to access occasionally, then you might not want to sync it to your iOS and make your schedule look less cluttered. But for that you must know how to unsync it. Let’s have a look on the process.

How to Unsync a Calendar across your iOS Device

  • To start, first launch Safari or any other web browser you have on your iPhone and then go to google.com/calendar/syncselect.
  • If not signed in already, then use your User ID and Password to Login.
  • Now untick all those boxes under your iPhone or iPad’s calendar App that you don’t want to sync with your device.
  • Click “Save” to finish the “Settings.”

Now you will never get the Calendars as an option to opt for adding to the in-built Calendar App. Do you face any issues in the above said process? If yes, then inform me in the Comment section. I shall try to find out some solution for you.

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