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iPhone 8 Seems to be the Costliest phone from Apple

iphone 8

Apple, the leader Mobile manufacturer in the country seems to be launching its costliest phone ever in the world. It’s the Apple iPhone 8. The Apple iPhone 8 is making it around the corner since the iPhone 7 & 7  Plus. But nothing yet had been revealed about the price of the Smartphone. Finally there has been a revelation on the price point of the upcoming iPhone 8. Reports convey that the Smartphone might well fall in the price range of $1,000 (Around 67.1k) as it comes being packed with an OLED display. Since it packs the powerful OLED display which costs double than the LCD displays, so price of the Smartphone will undoubtedly be double.

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As per reports, the upcoming iPhone 8 aka iPhone X (the company suggested name) is about to be made available in market with 5.8-inch OLED display which stretches till edge. Home button of the Smartphone will be integrated into the display and the battery will be comperatively much larger than others. The users too will get dual cameras in the device just like the iPhone 7 Plus. Besides, the iPhone 8 is going to pack a unique 3D-sensing technology which will bring enhanced image resolution, superior camera app and superior reality app. But there no proper information on the exact functionalities and technology of the app.

Moving to the build, the  iPhone 8 is about to add edges to the device in both the sides and it will be made of less expensive stainless steels and back of the handset will be made of all glass. Side buttons of the device also might be removed on the device and might be replaced by touch-sensitive inlays in the metal. Before the Smartphone was in news to feature the improved 3D Touch, and advanced wireless charging technology.

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Apart, the Anniversary edition of the iPhone is also in news to incorporate the wireless charging feature. A report about the Wireless Charging read, “While we don’t expect general users to notice any difference, lamination of an additional graphite sheet is needed for better thermal control and, thus, steady operation; this is because FPCB is replaced with film, which is more sensitive to temperature change of the 3D touch sensor in OLED iPhone.”

So what you think guys? Would like to put your hands on this crazy device? If yes, then keep visiting BlogZamana to get further details on the launch and exact price point of the Smartphone.

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