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WhatsApp Feature-In-Feature Program is on testing phase

In the past few moths we have witnessed rigorous changes in Facebook policies. This happened due to the back-to-back restrictions imposed on the Social Media giant from various sectors in the country. Following the footsteps, its Instant Messeging Platform WhatsApp also has started testing some brand new features, both for user convenience and security of data. One such feature is the Feature-In-Feature program which is in testing phase now. Let’s get more details on this feature.

The Feature-In-Feature Mode of WhatsApp intends to bring the users the conviniency of continuing video call even keeping it in minimized mode. Also the users can browse during the video call. According to WABetaInfo, the site that always keeps an eagle eye on the WhatsApp features convey that the Messeging App lately only pushed its latest update using the Google Play Beta Program, with the version 2.12.234 .

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp was working on this feature for many months and finally it has become able to run it in testing mode. Also it confirmed that post the app gets uploaded to iOS, it can only be confirmed if the YouTube and Instagram videos can also be watched using the Feature-In-Feature mode of WhatsApp.

In one of our previous articles I had informed you that WhatsApp is waiting for the green signal from the Govt. to lunch its peer-to-peer payment feature which will make it absolutely benelovent for the users to transfer payment. Appealing the media, Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg said the company was working for pretty long time to bring this feature to the users in the second half of 2018.

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