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WhatsApp View Once: Message will auto delete after one time viewing

WhatsApp was testing the 'View Once' feature since last month. After activating the View Once feature, the videos and photos will be auto deleted after one time viewing. However, this feature can't provoke the user from taking a screenshot.

The WhatsApp iPhone users have started receiving the ‘View Once’ feature. After activating the WhatsApp View Once feature, the message will be auto-deleted after being viewed once. This new feature of WhatsApp can be used with Photo, Video and other messages in the chat head. For the time, the feature has been released for the iPhone users, but soon it will be made available for the Android users also. The new version of WhatsApp has been released with this feature, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

With this new update, the notification style of WhatsApp messages also have been changed. For the last several months, WhatsApp was testing the View Once feature. Post activation of the feature, the sent photos and videos will disappear from your chat head. However, this feature can’t stop the users from taking a screenshot of the messages.

The WhatsApp View Once feature is available at WhatsApp version 2.21.150 on iPhone. To use this feature, users have to tap the ‘1’ icon on their iPhone. Once disappeared, the users can’t see the photos or videos in the chat head. Besides, the videos and photos will also not be seen on the storage if sent with the WhatsApp View Once feature.

Worth mentioning, WhatsApp had been testing this feature since September 2020. Testing of the WhatsApp View Once feature was done on both Android and iOS beta versions. Official declarations convey that the feature will be made available for the users by next week.

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