Windows 7 and Windows Vista under threat

Microsoft, the world leader in providing software services has revealed the secrets about the security in Windows 7 and Windows vista systems. The computers using windows 7 or windows vista as their operating system are more prone to malware attacks than the Windows XP systems. The biannual security intelligence report which studies security issues confronted by more than 800 million computers using its advanced security tools showed that Windows XP had an attack rate of 2.42 %, while it was 3.24% for Windows Vista and 2.59% for Windows 7.

Microsoft said he data had been “normalized” to account for the different number of computers running each version of the operating system, with Windows 8 machines showing 1.73% attack rate and Windows 8.1 just about 0.08%. The Windows 8.1 is the latest version an provides highest security against such attacks. Microsoft has revealed that the threat to Windows 7 and Windows Vista had sprung up due to a malware “RotBrow”. This malware targets the internet browsers. Rotbrow is known as a “dropper,” and it downloads other software on the computer. But the experts disagree that the Windows XP is more secure than the recent operating systems.

Speaking to The Independent, Graham Cluley pointed out that users of more modern versions of Windows could be exposing themselves to greater risks simply by using the internet more.”We’re hopeful that the number of Windows XP computers is rapidly diminishing, and that fewer and fewer of them are being used to regularly access the internet,” said Mr Cluley. The Cluley also said that the figures in the Microsoft report covered a time period when the Windows XP was still being regularly updated.

Microsoft has recommended the Windows XP, Windows 7 and the Windows 8 users to download and install Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit which blocks malware and has advised the Windows XP users to upgrade to the newer versions of Windows. Microsoft has announced that it will issue its latest release of security patches on May 13 which, for the first time, will no longer include any updates for the Windows XP but will stress more on the threats to the system using Windows XP.

  1. Hunky says

    I am using Windows 7 SP1 along with MSE.. Till date never had any problem with any virus or malware..

    1. Durga says

      Hey Hunky,

      Then you are fortunate enough to be a WIndows 7 user. Thanks.

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