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World’s first flying car launched, know specialties of the car

The car manufacturers across the globe are unveiling their brand new products at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show held at Palexpo, Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland. In the process, the other leading Dutch car manufacturer PAL-V has unveiled the first ever flying car in the world named Liberty. 

This car is able to cover 500 kilometers in a one time journey which includes 400 km in air and 100 km on road. Only two people can travel in the car and it’s maximum speed is 160 km per hour on road. In air, Liberty can fly at a peek speed of 180 km per hour. It takes only 9 seconds to attain this speed in air and can touch the maximum altitude of 11,000 feet.

pal v

Engine of the car can produce 200 hp of power in Air which is restricted to 100 hp on road. It’s minimum speed in air is 50 km/hour. The car holds a 100 liter fuel tank  and hence it’s maximum air range is estimated to be 450 kilometers.

Well, here I must say that to prepare this car the company took 10 years as it was not just a button’s job to lift the car from road to air. So you will need to go through some manual cars to airlift the car, but the company claims that it can be done only in 10 minutes.

pal v

The Dutch manufacturer has already started receiving booking for the car, but it will begin delivery in 2019 as only 90 is available for sale at this moment. The first limited edition of the car will cost you 499,000 euros ($621,500) and the Liberty Sports Edition will follow at an estimated price tag of 299,000 euros.

The car will be certified to the rules of U.S. and European safety agencies and each car owner will need to have a pilot’s license to fly this. Also they will need access to a small airstrip to take off and land.

Video Courtesy: YOUCAR

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