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Outstanding Intsance of Sell, Xiaomi Sells 40,000 Redmi 1S Handsets in Just 4.2 Seconds!

It might seem you little absurd that Xiaomi sold 40,000 Redmi 1S Handsets in Just 4.2 Seconds! Right? But it’s true. Since Xiaomi, which have constantly been in demand in the Indian market since its first foot steps, has broken all previous records of its own on selling Smartphones in seconds. Well, some parts of the credit for this sell also goes to flipkart (the biggest online retailer in India) since it has been tied as the online and delivery partner of Xiaomi which had initially received around 2,50,000 registrations  for purchasing this Redmi 1S Android device. But only 40,000 out of the mass 2.5 lac could get the opportunity to put their hands on this extremely demanded android device on first come first serve basis.

Well, the remaining registrants shouldn’t get worried for their misfortune this time. Because the next batch of Redmi 1S android devices will be made available on Flipkart on 9th of September and if you wanna put your hands on this device, then you can register it right now in the official  site of FlipKart. This time also Xiaomi is gonna introduce around 40,000 more Redmi 1S Smartphones for sell on flipkart and users can purchase with the condition one for one. I mean one user can purchase only one Smartphone. Isn’t it interesting? While the Smartphones of big brands like Samsung, HTC, Lg and others are available in plenty devoid of that much demand, users here have to try their luck in array to put hands on the Xiaomi Redmi S1 Smartphone device. Then you can better conjecture the present demand of this smart device.

I forgot about mentioning the price of the Smartphone. The Xiaomi redmi S1 Smartphone is available at an affordable price tag of $98 i.e. Rs. 5, 999 and is accompanied with features that are really unmatched to the devices of almost all brand manufacturers. Well, it seems that the number of sell is purely exceeding the estimation of Xiaomi in Indian market and hence the company is expected to meet the market demand after introducing required number of devices soon. Conversely, Xiaomi is also going to launch the Mi Band soon at just $13 soon in the Indian market with the Mi-PAD and Mi-4 flagship and we just wonder, what will the that time market condition for the users.

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