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Your iPhone bar turns red, blue, green or purple? What does it mean

Have your ever noticed your iPhone top bar changing color? What does it mean? Get to know in detail.

Have you ever seen any such activities on your iPhone bar? Have you ever noticed your iPhone bar turning green, red, purple or blue? Then just know your iPhone is trying to tell you something. It might be trying to warn you something important, don’t ignore. Try to understand the silent warning of your device.

Just of late, this has turned to be a topic of discussion on Social Media, but interestingly most of the users are clueless. But you must be aware that the color codes represent specific actions and ignoring it all this while might end of hacking your device or losing your important data. So it’s high time that you must understand the logic behind these specific color codes.

So now question arises, how many of you have ever witnessed the top bar of your iPhone changing colors. If you have never marked it, then you might be a new iPhone user or not that much attached to your device. But having adequate knowledge of these color codes will definitely one day turn saviour.

To inform you the exact location we are talking about, it’s the top of your device where Time, WiFi, SIM and Battery icons are positioned. So when the bar turns red, blue, green or purple that does mean Apple is trying to convey you something. Let’s know what.

iPhone Bar turns Green: If this is the matter, then it means you are on an ongoing call. If not so and your iPhone bar turns green then know your device has been hacked. Someone has perhaps hacked your device and is trying to spy on you.

iPhone Bar turns Red: Red is the symbol of danger, we all know. But on your iPhone it symbolizes that your device screen is being recorded. Also the red color signal on your iPhone screen might indicate “Phone Listening” when OK Google is turned on.

iPhone Bar turns Blue: The iPhone Bar turning blue symbolizes two things. One is that your device is using screen mirroring to share content with another device or when an app is actively using your location.

iPhone Bar turns purple: This indicate that your iPhone is using SharePlay for sharing content.

While it’s always important keep an eye on these signals, being alert will save your device from getting hacked or from any unauthorized activities.

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