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Instagram Fraud: 17 year Old Boy blackmails student, extorts 6 lakhs

You must have heard about Mobile Scam, SIM Card scam, OTP scam, but hardly might have heard about Social Media scam. But just of late one news is making it around the corner about a scam on the Photo sharing platform Instagram. Reportedly, one 17 year old student from Bengaluru created a fake ID on Instagram with the name of a girl and blackmailed a boy, extorting around 6.4 lakh from him. Let’s have a detailed info.

Reportedly, one college going boy from Bengaluru cretaed a fake profile with the name of a girl on Instagram the previous year and started chatting with a boy of the same college. Then he managed to get some nude photos from him and created another fake account with a boy’s name. Now he started sending these photos to the victim and started blackmailing him. He started threatening the boy to share his photos on the Social Media platform and extorted him more than 6.4 lakh rupees and some jewellery.

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As stated by the Rajajinagar Police, he used to persuade the victim for vulgar talk. However, the Police has arrested the victim who is of just 21 years old. Due to rigorous threatneing, the victim started stealing money and jewellery from his home and this February he had given 1.5 lakh to the blackmailer. After that he again gave him 4 lakh and 11 silver jewellery.

However, the culprit finally has been arrested and taken into custody.

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