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Big leak on iOS 17, know what’s in bucket

Leaks and rumors suggest some exciting features that we may see with the IOS 17 update, Read to know what features IOS 17 may have!

The announcement of IOS 16 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2022 was followed by the anticipation of the IOS 17, which will be announced at this year’s WWDC event. The IOS 16 update focused on personalization, collaborative platforms, and customized user experience. Now, leaks and rumors suggest some exciting features that we may see with the IOS 17 update.

There may be some fascinating new features in iOS 17.

The future iPhone OS update is likely to concentrate on improving already-existing functionality rather than introducing a significant number of new ones, according to leaks around IOS 17. 9to5 has one such report. According to Google, this year’s theme might be “frictionless interaction.”

IOS 17 is rumoured to improve current features rather than introducing many new ones. Frictionless interactivity is anticipated to be the update’s main focus, giving customers more customization options to improve their iPhone experience. Further customization options for the lock screen, including new typefaces, widgets, and lock screens with various focus modes, are probably on the way. Even sharing completely personalised lock screens with other users via a Marketplace app should be possible, although this seems unlikely.

​Dynamic Island, which features new UI components for apps, more notification banners and more interactive tools, is rumored to be included in all upcoming iPhone 15 devices. Live Activities functionality can be integrated outside of the lock screen by adding Live Activities and lock screen widgets to the Home screen.

The Digital Markets Act requires Apple to offer alternative app stores for the iPhone in Europe. iOS 17 is anticipated to allow this update, which could be included in a potential future release of the operating system.

It’s worth noting that all the features discussed are based on leaks and rumors, and there is no official word on whether they will be incorporated into IOS 17 or not. We’ll have to wait until June 2023, when the operating system will be officially unveiled, to find out.

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