Download Blender: The Best Free 3D Animation Software


If you are a graphic designer then you must be very familiar with the neme “Blender”. It is the largest open source 3D creation tool, which lets you to create animations, visual effects, interactive 3D applications and video games. It comes with many tools for modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and video post-processing.

Blender comes with an easy to use interface and also allows you to customize the settings of your interface, input, and editing steps so that you work comfortably with it. Blender provides full support for vehicle dynamics, including spring reactions, stiffness, damping, tyre friction. It also features integral support for the Yafray render engine, interactive preview rendering panel in any 3d view, render engine integrated with the node compositor.

Blender lets you open and write many audio & video file formats using ffmpeg.It also features fast skeleton creation mode,graphical user interface for python scripts, auto skinning, mirror editing, interactive 3D paint for vertex weighting, B-spline interpolated bones, transform of UV maps by vertex pinning and much more. Some important features are listed below.
Features of Blender:

  • Anti-aliased fonts with international translation support
  • Support undo on all levels
  • Conformal and Angle Based unwrapping methods
  • Cube, Cylinder, Sphere, View projections
  • Integral support for the Yafray render engine
  • Interactive preview rendering panel in any 3d view
  • Supprts Chroma Key, Blur, RGB Curves, Z Combine, Color Ramp, Gamma Correct
  • Fast skeleton creation mode
  • Interactive 3D paint for vertex weighting
  • Non-overlapping and non-blocking UI delivers unsurpassed workflow
  • Realtime soft body solver integrated in mesh, lattice, curve and text objects
  • Audio playback, mixing and editing
  • B-spline interpolated bones
  • Fast envelope based auto skinning
  • Built-in text editor for annotations and editing Python scripts
  • Realistic defocus (DOF) post-process effect
  • MultiLayer OpenEXR files to store & reuse raw renderlayer and passes data
  • Support float images as well as regular 8 bits images

Blender has a huge list of features all are can’t be discussed in just one article.  It is a cross platform software which is compatible with GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and FreeBSD.

Blender is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista (32 and 64 bits).

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