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Facebook will no more support these Phones after 30 April

facebook in windows phone

Facebook has planned to retire some windows phones. As informed by a Microsoft official, after 30 April 2019 some Windows phones will be barred from the support of Facebook Messenger, Facebook App, and Instagram. However, nothing has been finalized about the Instant messaging app WhatsApp. It’s to be noted that WhasApp is not supported by Windows Phones less than version 8.1.

In this shutting down season, Facebook and Microsoft also has joined Google. Just recently, the Mountainview giant had stopped three of its popular apps Google Plus, Inbox by GMail and Google Allo. By the way, the Windows 8.1 version will keep supporting the web versions of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. This piece of infromation was first brought into the limelight by Engadget. This decision by Facebook ensures that it might soon stop supporting Windows devices.

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Some security researchers recently claimed that crores of user’s data have been leaked in the last few days from Facebook database. Security firm Upgard revealed that more than 54 crore Facebook user’s data was lately uploaded to a third party public server. The security company claims that 54 crore Facebook user’s data have been uploaded to Amazon server by two third party companies. Complete data of these Facebook users are available on Amazon server.


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