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Whatsapp Update: Admin can’t add anyone to group without permission

The Facebook owned Instant Messaging company Whatsapp has taken a really important decision. Whatsapp has made a major change for its Group Chat Settings in Privacy policy. After this change in policy, a group Admin can’t add anyone to any group without his permission. To add someone to to a group at first you need to take his permission and for that you have to send him an invite. This feature was in testing mode for the last few days and now is being pushed to public.

How to make Privacy Setting

After updating your WhatsApp, if you want that no Admin should add you to any group without your permission then you have to make some changes in your Group chat Settings. For that you must update your WhatsApp at first and then Account > Privacy > Groups. There you will get three alternatives Nobody, My Contacts and Everyone. If you choose Nobody then no one can add you to any group without your permission.

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After you make this change to your Settings, if someone tries to add you in a group, then you will get a link on your messanger through private chat. This link has a validity period of three days. If within three days, you accept this invitation then you will be added to teh group as a member. If not, then afte three days it autometically will be invalid. The company claims this feature to have been started from Wednesday and within a week will be launched acorss the globe.

It’s to be noted that WhatsApp on Tuesday launched the Tipline service in India with the help of Check Point, using which users can discriminate between true and false photos, videos, messages and links in WhatsApp. To check authenticity of any message, the users need to send it to the Check Point WhatsApp number +91-9643-000-888. Once the message is sent there, the company will investigate on its authenticity and will get back with a piositive or negative reply only on WhatsApp.

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