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Few easy Steps to hard reset Motorola Moto G4

Hard resetting your device means to take your device back to the initial condition when it was purchased new or was manufactured. Someone might wish at any point of time to hard reset their device as Android is an open source and by this act the users can troubleshoot the issues and problems in their device. Now moving to the context, in this article today we shall guide you through the steps to hard reset your Motorola Moto G4 2016.

motorola moto g4

The Motorola Moto G4 2016 is a fantastic flagship with a number of solid features inside to provide the users with a real mobile experience. This Smartphone comes in 3 variants of Motorola G4 i.e. classic Moto G4, the G4 Plus and the G4 Play and the hard reset procedure given here will be applicable to all the variants. Because it’s a brand new phone in the market, so most of the users might not think of applying the hard reset process. But those who are interested can follow this procedure.

Because the hard reset process is supported by Google and Motorola, so there is nothing to lose in the procedure. You will neither lose your phone’s warranty, nor you have to use any complex software or tools for the update so that your device will undergo any issues. Besides, you can also use these steps with the locked or rooted devices or with a device customized with Custom ROM firmware. And the most important thing is, making a hard reset you troubleshoot all Android related issues such as boot loops, lags, bugs, force close errors, screen freeze, battery drain, heating issues etc.

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But before initiating the update we will primarily recommend that you must create a complete backup of your handset using a backup tool, else your device might end up loosing all data. Though an official procedure, yet certain issues might occur in your device due to the update or it might even brick, for the which act we shall not remain responsible. Make sure to keep at least 60% battery backup  in your device so that it will not shot down during the update.  Now let’s move to the update procedure.

Procedure 1

  • In the first procedure Turn on your device and select Settings from the Menu.
  • Next move to Backup & Reset.
  • A new Window will appear now. There choose Factory date reset.
  • Choose Reset Device and select Erase Everything.
  • Now you have to stand agree to the alerts and wait the procedure to finish.
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Procedure 2

  • In the second process, you can use the Recovery Mode Menu to complete the process. To start Switch Off your device.
  • After your Smartphone is switched off, put it into Recovery Mode. To do that press and hold the Volume Down button for a couple of seconds and while still holding the Volume Down key, press the power button. Now select the Recovery Option to move your Motorola 4G into Recovery mode.
  • Once your handset moves into Recovery mode, select the wipe data factory reset option.
  • Stand agree to the prompts and you will move into the Hard reset option.
  • There select wipe cache partition and wipe dalvik cache to clear app and data cache from your device.
  • Now move back to the Recovery mode Menu and select reboot system now.

That’s all. Now wait your handset to restart. Once restarted, know that you are all done with the factory reset of your Motorola Moto G4 2016 handset. In case of any issues, feel free to ping us back on the comment section and I shall revert with a solution for you.

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