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Foursquare’s new Swarm app

Foursquare has developed a new App called swarm app. The swarm app is a friend focused app. The motive behind launching this app was to split foursquare into 2 apps-foursquare and Swarm. The new swarm app enables you to check in, find friends in your neighbourhood. You can even share about your activity at a place with your friends .Now the foursquare app has only the location finding and sharing feature. You don’t have to call or text your friends now because the swarm app now helps you to join your friends anywhere, anytime and give them a surprise.

Key feautures of the Swarm app

Neighbourhood sharing feature

This enables you to know about your friends who are near your place, it also makes them aware of your presence. In case you are planning a date or want to spend some private time with your family then you don’t want to let your friends know your location, so you can simply turn this feature off. You can switch this feature on and off in the app by swiping right on top of any screen. With this feature you can see the friends who are in the same city only. Thus this feature lets you a faster way to get in touch with your friends.

Nearby plans feature

You can ask all your friends about how they are going to spend their day and get their replies. This feature enables you to let your friends know about your plans, whether you are free and would like to see some of your buddies or you are busy with some work. You can also know the plans of your friends too.

History Search feature

This feature helps you to search a person, type of place or a city, you will get all your history records with old check ins. You can easily know about your locations on different dates in your past.

The swarm app has been launched only for Android and iOS devices and they are available on app store and google play for download. The windows phone users will have to keep some patience to experience this new multi feature app.

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