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Google launches Chrome 35 and a Gmail update for Android

The Google chrome 35 is out now for Linux, Mac, Windows and Android. If you have not activated the built in update then you can download it  from  google.com/chrome and experience the new world of Chrome browsing. Google Chrome is a freeware web browser which was developed by Google. Google Chrome aims to be fast,simple and stable. It is the most widely used browser in the world. It was released as Beta version for Microsoft Windows on Semtember 2 in the year 2008 and was later released publicly on December 11 in the same year.

The changes in the Google chrome 35 version include new java script features, unprefixed shadow DOM, more developer control over touch input, a number of apps and many other changes for increased performance and better experience for the users .The  inclusion of new undo tab close option can be very beneficial  for the Chrome users, now you can back to the page just by clicking on the button.

The updated chrome for android is available at Google play store[highlight]. It  has several features like full screen video with subtitles and and HTML 5 controls, support for multi window devices, undo tab close, support for casting some videos using chrome cast and  many other bug fixes.[/highlight]

The chrome remote desktop feature is now available for Android in the form of an app. You can now access your Mac and Windows desktops with your android smartphones and tablets with the chrome remote app.

The new update for Gmail is now available for android smartphones. It’s new improved user interface allows you to reach the side navigation menu faster. With the updated Gmail you can save attachments to Google drive and thus save space on your phone. It has a “spam explanations” feature which explains the reason why a message that you received ends up in the spam folder. There is also a great news for Arabic, Persian and Hebrew speakers in this new update as Gmail has an enhanced right to left support which helps them to read the content easily.

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