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Facebook to introduce new feature to send Money

No more Facebook is just a Social Media Platform. Apart from bagging the rave reviews for becoming the Numero Uno Social Media Platform, it has now started functioning as One stop Solution for many of requirements. Not only it acts as a platform to connect the users with their near and dear ones, but now shopping and Food Delivery service is also available in this popular App. The recently launched food delivery service by Facebook has grabbed immense popularity which is being delivered by third party vendors once any order is placed.

And now the company is busy working on a new feature using which the Facebook users can send money to one another. Of course the Sending money option is already available in Facebook Messenger, but only for limited amount. But this new feature Red Envelope (to send money) is soon to be tested by Facebook using which the users can send unlimited amount of money.

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Besides, Facebook is also working on another feature named “Breaking News” which can be used by the News Web Portals to provide people with the latest happenings in their surroundings on Facebook page. Facebook has also confirmed that soon they are going to test the Breaking News feature, but informed now when and they stayed mum about the Red Envelope feature.

Credit for the information about both this upcoming Facebook features goes to the Next Web who first brought it to the limelight. Commenting on both these forthcoming apps, a Facebook personnel said ,”Of course Facebook keep testing and experimenting new features, but at this time nothing can be said about these two new features.”

But it’s still under doubt if these two new features will really be made available for the users as we know Facebook often closes projects on the eve of experimentation. So in such as situation when the Social Media Giant itself is mum on the topic, we can’t say anything. Only time will be the best answer.

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