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Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Facebook with few quick Tips

Social Media these days has become an integral part of human life and it’s almost impossible for anyone today to live without it. And when matter comes to popularity and penetration of Social Media content, undoubtedly videos lead from the front. Ahead of that lead the Live videos which get thousands of likes, comments and shares, thereby fascinating content creators to create more such content. But creating a video content is of course expensive and takes much of your time.

But what about live videos? Specially making content live in Facebook, the most popular Live Video platform! Well, almost all of us must have made videos live on Facebook. But it’s of course the real-time content. But do you know, you can also make your recorded videos live on Facebook and that will get the same response from visitors as the real Live videos do? If not, then you must consider this true as in this article today I shall guide you through the process to make recorded videos live on Facebook. Let’s take a look on the tips.


You need to meet the following requirements before starting your live video.

  1. Stream Key (The secret Facebook key which allows you for streaming in Facebook. You will get by going to  Publishing Tools > Video Library > +Live.)
  2. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) – This is the software that will help you to live stream Pre-recorded videos on Facebook. Download it Here.

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After getting the Facebook Stream Key and downloading the OBS Software, now you need to follow the below steps to initiate the Live process.

Steps to make Pre-Recorded Videos live on Facebook

  • At first launch the OBS app and click on Settings>Stream. Enter the Stream Key in the Stream Key field and press OK.
  • Now you need to select the video that you want to make Live. Click on the + icon in the Sources field & select VLC Video Source.
  • Next create a Video Playlist which will be the Facebook Live source. You can choose a single or multiple videos according to your need. Name the Playlist and select OK.
  • Now you can choose how to stream the video in the next window. I mean, if you want to chose the Live to take place only when the software runs on the foreground or also when it’s minimized. Choice is yours. To select click the drop-down from “Visibility Behavior”.
  • Click the + icon in case you want to add more videos and if add more videos, then click OK after addition.
  • Forget not to mute the Mic/Aux.

That’s all. Now you are ready for live streaming. Just click on “Start Streaming” and move back to the Facebook Window where it will be streaming. Of course the action might take little time. But as soon the live starts, click on “Go Live”. Now your recorded video will be live as a fresh new Live content.

Post live streaming, you might need to manually stop the Live stream, or else it will be going live in the backdrop. In case of any issues or confusions, don’t forget to ping me back in the comment section. I am always there to find out a solution to your issue, if possible.

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