The Importance of 5G Connectivity, Explained in a Video from Samsung

Samsung, the South Korean manufacturer always bags rave reviews when matter comes to utilization of the most recent connectivity features. One instance of the company’s networks efficiency was witnessed recently when Samsung created a global record after showcasing the ultra-fast 4.6Gbps data transfer through 60GHz Wi-Fi 802.11ad technology. This was of course a revolution in the sector of 4G connectivity. And now Samsung has launched a video that explains the significance of 5G networks in day to day life.

What the video demonstrates, the 5G networks not only helps transferring data at speeds of up to 7.5Gbps, but can manage a number of devices at a time and also endow the users with much more bandwidth that the 4G networks can provide at present. With the constant introduction of  IoT (Internet of Things) and other wearable devices in the Techno market every day, the number of devices going to be added to the mobile networks are about to be millions and the importance of 5G connectivity can then only be realized.

In this video from Samsung, you will find  the Engineers of Samsung creating a testbed system for 5G data transfer which they had created in the year 2012. With this Engineering technology, they were could successfully transfer data at 1Gbps speed to a car moving at a pace of 100 km/h. Also they flaunt the possibility of utilizing mmWave frequency bands for creating 5G mobile communication networks. Apart, the technology is being planned to brought into limelight by 2018. Also Samsung demands that users who make use of this 5G technology can visualize 3D image of sports through holograms, but with the condition that such displays should be made available at that time.

Well, while Samsung for the moment is the only researcher and developer in this field of technology, we would definitely wait to see if any other techno giants show their interest in this field to make it a global phenomena.


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