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Jio Phone Next might be the costliest Phone, know why

When Reliance announced its forthcoming Smartphone JioPhone Next, it created much hullabaloo in the market being termed as the cheapest Smartphone. This Smartphone was about to be launched on September, but was further extended till Diwali. Reliance said that the Smartphone is on a trial phase and hence will take some time before it’s made available for the public.

Being the Smartphone is manufactured in collaboration with Google, so it will have all features of an advanced Smartphone. But now it’s heard that Jio Phone Next is perhaps going to be the costliest Smartphone ever.

According to Market Experts, now there is scarcity of semiconductors in the market. Besides, the mobile parts are also getting expensive day by day. Worth mentioning, companies like Xiaomi, Samsung and Reliance also have lately made their Smartphones expensive.

It’s heard that the Jio Phone Next might be available without subsidy while the Jio Phone Next will be made available with subsidy. The manufacturing cost also has become expensive than before.

Reliance Jio plans to make India free from 2G and that’s why it has planned for cheap 4G smartphones. But the recent news of Jio Phone Next becoming expensive might hamper the dream of Reliance Jio.

Telling about the Jio Phone Next features, it is supposed to pack a 5.5 inch HD display and will run on the Qualcomm QM215 processor. It will have 2-3 GB of RAM with 16-32GB of storage. For graphics, the smartphone supports Adreno 308 GPU and its camera supports Google lense. Besides, the Smartphone will have numerous other features that will come to limelight soon.

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