Microsoft might close Window 7 soon

If you are also a Window 7 uesr, then we have a very bad news for you. Guess what! Microsoft is planning to close Windows 7. The company had launched Windows 7 in the year 2009 and since launch it has been the favorite of almost all users. But now the company has announced not to push any update for Windows 7 anymmore. In such circumstances, fixing any sort of bugs in the OS will be problematic.

As announced by Microsfot in its official blog, 14 January 2020 will be the last date for Windows 7. After 20 January, no more updates will be pushed for this OS. Also on this day, the last security update for Windows 7 will be pushed and with that the users would get notification about closing of the OS.

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According to the popular e-journal The Verge, at this moment almost 80 crore PCs are running on Windows 10 across the globe. So the company has decided to close Windows 7 and to focus completely on upgradation of the OS and will also promote it properely.

In such circumstances, if you run your PC on Windows 7 then we would suggest you to create a proper backup of your data on cloud.

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