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Year 2019 is the year of videos. With the introduction of Reliance Jio in the Indian market, a new revolution is witnessed in the field of Internet. With free SIM and free mobile data, Jio has made internet penetration quite easy for all classes of people in the country. As YouTube is the most popular and free Content Management System (CMS) for uploading visuals and monetizing those, so maximum visuals are being uploaded this date into YouTube.

People don’t hesitate to showcase their creativity in form of videos. At the same time they also expect that their visual must be in the YouTube trending list so that it can reach to maximum users. Many people think that they need to undergo a course to add their videos to the trending list. But here we have few steps following which you can ensure that your visual is in the YouTube trending list. Let’s have a look on these steps.

Video Meta Description

Often it so happens that post uploading our videos to YouTube, we for sure add a proper title, but don’t think it important to add a proper meta description. But it’s actually much important for all videos. Don’t forget to add a proper meta description to your visuals which should be of at least 300 words. Also you must add some trending Keywords to your visual which would make your visual appear in the search. Also at the end of your meta description, forget not to share the links of your most popular videos.

Tags and Keywords is a Must

Videos at that time go viral only when more and more people watch it and it reaches to maximum users at that time when your YouTube videos appear in the search term. To make this video appear in the search term, you need to add some trending keywords and tags to your videos at the time of upload. The keywords will have better search appearance if you add long-tailed keywords in your visual. Forget not to use these keywords in both the slug and meta description. To find out the trending-keywords, visit the Twitter trending page.

Video Thumbnail

Video thumbnail is the most important thing that need to appear before your video. As much attractive the thumbnail is so much is your viewership. The thumbnails only insists us to go through and watch a video. Thumbnail should be such that it would insist the users to go through your video instantly.

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing is much important for the visuals. Once uploaded to YouTube, you must share it to some popular social Media sites and groups. While sharing the contents, don’t forget to add add trending #tags to your slugs.

Add the Like and Share appeal at End of the Video

Few YouTubers request their viewers to Share, Like, Comment and Subscribe their channel at beginning of the video. By doing so you indirectly force the users leave your channel immediately, subscription is poles apart. So to get likes, comments and subscriptions, request your viewers at end of the video.


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