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Paytm- Digital Payment system assists Merchants to Go Digital by 2017

In 2017, through digital payment five million merchants will be able to deal with consumers easily from end to end. The announcement is made by Paytm for mobile payments and e-commerce platform on Tuesday to boost up security for both customers and merchants. In addition to this the fresh features included to raise the usability for both the side.

In a statement Sudhanshu Gupta, Vice president said,” While our field teams work on educating and onboarding merchants to accept Paytm, we understand that it is a need for our retailers to also be able to pay their suppliers digitally and we are working towards that”.

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Paytm is coming up with new features to enable every Indians to allow and pay through the new system. The company is working in higher levels with distribution network so that merchants can accept Paytm for doing business with their suppliers easily too.

Being a varied langue, the app provides access in diverse langue including Hindi, Bengali, Odia, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. Hence, there will be no problem for lower class who can’t read in English. So today download the app and make use of it. The company introduces toll free number for featured and non- internet users to go cashless.

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The Paytm launched App password feature for android users to enhance the security. This is through enabling the secure pin, fingerprint or pattern lock. By this feature the user secure its Paytm wallet money even if the phone is lost or gone astray. A merchant helpdesk is introduced earlier this week with 100 members sitting to help the needy. A lot of awareness camps are setup in different district to help novice on cashless. The panels carry out gatherings and workshops from corner to corner. They visit educational centers and village panchayats to update clients about reimbursement of digital payments and know about widest set of merchants across the nation.

Eventually 500 million Indian Rupees is invested towards educating merchants on digital payments through India. If you are one of them then do share your views regarding the method of going digital in coming year.

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