Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Receive Android 4.3Jelly Bean OTA Update Soon

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Are you a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 User? Then we have great news for you. Being a Samsung Galaxy user, you must be expecting your device to get updated with the most recent firmware in this world and hence the Korean manufacturer is all set to bring you the latest Android firmware update, ,but only for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device. Reportedly, the Samsung Service Centers have already received the latest firmware files with XXUEMJ9 build and they are soon to push the update to all the Samsung Note 2 devices. It’s heard, if an Indian user has already updated his Note 2 device to the latest firmware 4.3.

Now it’s your turn. Just keep your eyes rested on the notification panel of your device to receive the update at any moment. However, the same version of Android firmware (4.3) with XXUEMJ9 build is supposed to be pushed into the device of all global users and that’s what must be a like honey added to sugar for you. Right? So, did you take notice of your notification panel? Is not the update there? Get not worried. It’s being sent in segments and all galaxy Note 2 devices are supposed to get the update by the end of this year.

So you would definitely be craving to know what latest updates the firmware will bring for you. Then to tell you frank, we do have reports about some rumored improvements only. The latest firmware is supposed to bring you some latest improvements like Galaxy GEAR, TRIM Support for Internal Storage, GPU drivers updates, ANT+ support, KNOX Security, new screen modes, New lockscreen with support for widgets, DayDream, driving mode, enhanced Samsung Keyboard, revamped Settings UI, new S-Voice addition and many more. But the real updates will some into limelight only after the device gets updated with the latest Android 4.3 firmware files with XXUEMJ9 build.

So, are you a Galaxy Note 2 user? Do you also think of updating your Note 2 device with the latest firmware 4.3? Then do let’s know what other specifications or improvements you do witness in your device post update.

  1. annum says

    If samsung dont get 4.3 out the door by the 20th dec, i expect the to cancel it altogether for the note2 as they did with 4.2.

    1. Durga says

      Hi Annum,
      it’s expected to receive the update soon. So cross your fingers.


    My Samsung : ANDROID 4.3 GALAXY NOTE II N7100 UBDMA1

    What´s the best way update my system.
    I could not get ro do uptade;

    1. Durga says

      Hi Claudio,

      Click on the OTA update and follow the instructions that appear on your screen. Within sometime your device will be udated.

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