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Six Spy Apps which can track your Phone

Every single day a new app is found in the Google Play Store. These apps belong to different categories. Some apps are meant for study whereas others are meant for Social Media and some for Whatsapp status. Some such kind of apps are also there in Google Play Store which is used by people to spy after their wives and friends. So let’s know about such apps in details. Also we would let you know how these apps are used for spying and what can be done to prevent it.

Spy Camera

You can keep a vigil eye with the help of this app. If someone tries to touch your phone, this app will instantly take a snap of that person without his knowledge. It can also record a video of the person who touches your phone without informing you.

Find My Kids

With a constant hike on the ongoing criminal activities in sorrouding, everyone is much concerned about the safety of their children. So it’s obvious that everyone must keep guard of their children. This app is specially made for the purpose. What you have to do is to install this app on your child’s phone without their knowledge. After that you can get updated information evry single moment about your child’s realtime location.

Ear Agent

This app is built-in with amplifier and equilizer which can record the sorrunding sounds. So you can use it to record all discussion in your sorroundings silently without letting people know.

Cell Tracker

This is the best app to track location. This app is of much help for the peoeple in sales. Using this app, you can track the timing and location of your emploeyee every single moment. You can check the app location in every 30 minutes. So if you are a boss, you can install this app in the mobile phones of your employees.

Fake Call: Agent Killer 147

This is an app using which you can poke fun at your friends. Actually this app is used for making fake calls. This app can be used to make fun with your friends, and colleagues.

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