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Transfer Contacts from Blackberry Handset to Android Smartphone with a few Clicks

While the ongoing trend in the mobile era leans towards feature-enriched mobile device, popularity of Android Smartphones are gradually dominating the sub-plot. We mean to say, though there is lots of other Operating Systems available in the market, but popularity for Android seems to have touched the eve. Accordingly users have made them set to the trend. If you are a user of any other costly mobile device and of late purchased a new Android Smartphone, then your prime requirement will be to transfer the contacts to your new device from your old handset.

That’s why I bring you here the tips to transfer the contacts from your Blackberry device to your new Android Smartphone with just a few easy steps. Have a look in the tips. But remember this is applicable only to Blackberry devices. The process is too simple and convenient and you don’t have to undergo the experimentation of syncing your contacts to your Gmail folder using a Sync software & again sync it back to your android device.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to turn on the Bluetooth Setting of your Blackberry device. To turn on the Bluetooth option, go to Networks > Connections > Bluetooth Connections.
  2. second of all, turn on the Bluetooth option on your Android handset. Do so by going through Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth Settings.
  3. Now you have to pair the Bluetooth of both your devices. Do so after tapping the Search option on any of the handsets.
  4. Wait till your devices get paired. Now move to the Paired Devices option on your Blackberry handset and tap on your Android device.
  5. After click the Blackberry button and select Transfer Contacts from the displayed options.

Wait for a while and within few minutes all your contacts will get transferred to your Android Smartphone. So did you find the tips useful? Face any issues? No problem. Get back to us via the comment section and I shall to sort it out ASAP.

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