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Twitter to Introduce Edit Feature Soon

The World’s biggest micro blogging site Twitter is soon going to launch an “Edit” option next to its posts using which the once sent Tweets can also be edited. Since Twitter this date has turned to be the numero uno choice for the aristocrat class, from companies to bureaucrats, to make their thoughts and assessments reach the common mass in fraction of seconds, so it is an essential feature and was badly required. So it’s like gift to the Twitter lovers after a hefty span.

Well, it’s not known yet post Tweet, what will be the exact duration to edit, but what the reports convey it will be around 30 seconds. Yes, within 30 seconds of tweeting, the users can reedit their tweet. But it must be mentioned that with the Edited tweet, the real tweet will also appear in the timeline. Besides, the company is also planning to add the messaging option in the comment box, but once any message is sent it can’t be retrieved.

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Ok, now we will come to the conformity of the news. Why we consider this a confirmed information because recently this has been revealed by the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in an Interview. This is also not the first time when jack revealed this. Before in 2016 also he had hinted that Twitter was on a process of coding the Editing feature. And now finally the feature is ready to go for public.

Here also it can be mentioned that Twitter at this moment is testing a feature for the Android users using which the important news can be pinned to the top.

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