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Steps to Update Xiaomi Mi 3 with MIUI 6 Beta Version

In two of my previous articles, I had let you know how you can both root and unroot your Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone. Recollect? Today I have again brought a very good news for the  Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone holders. The news is that the  Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone users can now get access to the forthcoming MIUI V6 ROM, which was lately unveiled in Beijing on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of MIUI. The upcoming MIUI V6 ROM comes configured with an absolute new and colorful flat user interface. While only a thousand out of million users are able to get access into this brand new ROM, you can also be one of the luckiest users to get early access into the ROM. To start updating your Xiaomi Mi 3 device with the beta version of the MIUI V6 ROM, follow the below given steps.

But prior to that definitely create a complete back up for your  Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone as the update might erase all your Android data.  Take out the SIM card out of your Smartphone before initiating the update process and don’t connect your device to 3G or WiFi still you have attained the complete procedure.


Make sure that BlogZamana will never remain responsible for any sort of damage or bugs created in your Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone due to the installation process. So only proceed at your own responsibility.

Steps to Update

  • First of all download the Mi Flash application and flash it on your PC.
  • Then download the  miuiv6crackRC.zip file and extract it. Choose the cancro_alpha_images_4.8.15_4.4_cn folder from the extracted folder and place it in the root directory of C drive on Your Pc.
  • Next select the browse button in the Mi flash app and select the cancro_alpha_images_4.8.15_4.4_cn folder from the root dircetory of C drive.
  • Now you have to put your device into fastboot mode. To do so first switch off your Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone and then press and hold the volume down+power button at a time.
  • After connect your device to your PC via USB and on the Mi flash app press the refresh button. Now your device will get detected on the app. Hit the flash button to start the update process and wait a couple of minutes still the update finishes.
  • Next you need to factory reset your device to wipe all data.
  • Try to skip the main screen of your device as it gets rebooted instead of connecting it to any 3G or WiFi network. Just avoid connecting to any internet network.
  • Next install and launch the root explorer. Go to the System => build.prop => Open with rb editor => Search “ro.miui.secure=1” and change the 1 to 0, so that it now reads ro.miui.secure=0. Save, exit and then reboot the device.
  • Once your device gets rebooted, add your SIM card back. now you can also  connect to any 3G or WiFi network.

That’s it!! Now you will get full access to the newly installed MIUI 6 beta version on your Xiaomi Mi 3. Go through the app and try to discover the new interface. In case of any issues, don’t forget to get back to me via the comment section.


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