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Your Voice will say If You are Depressed, Mobile App will help

A number of companies across the globe work on Artificial Technology (AI) these days and best part with AI is that now it has started reciprocating to humans both in terms of mind and language. This technology has successfully been tested in many robos these days. Now AI has moved a step ahead and now it can inform you if you are depressed, just by listening to your voice.

Seems astonishing? Yet it’s true. The Computer Scintists at University Alberta has innovated such a technology which will assist the depressed to overcome their situation. Best part with the techonology is that it will detect the depressed people from their voice.

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According to a report from WHO (World Health Organization), India is positioned number eight in the list of depressed countries. The report conveys, while 5.6 crore people in India are suffering from depression, 3.8 crore suffer from anxiety and irritation.

Famous PhD student Mashrura Tasnim and Professor Eleni Stroulia who have developed this technique say that Mobile app will be used to detect depression. Data though the app will be taken when the person talks normal. According to the World Health Organization, maximum people across the globe commit suicide evry year due to depression. In such condition, the AI based technology will be helpful for humanity.

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