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5G Testing to start in India soon, transffer 1 GB Data in just 1 Second

The Finland based Telecommunications product manufcaturer Nokia clims that by 2021, 5G services will be kicking and alve in India. Airtel has undergone partnership with Nokia for 5G services and both these companies will work for the betterment of 5G technology in the country. As claimed by Nokia, 5G will have 1 gigabyte speed per second which will be 25 times faster than 4G.

5G Technology to start by 2021

According to Nokia CEO Rajeev Kumar Suri, along with developed countries like America, South Korea and China, developing countries such as India and Latin America will have 5G service by 2021. WIth this he also told that security of data will be a primary concern as thousands of secret information will be exchanged through this network.

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5G is free from Copyright

Also he confirmed that being 5G is a technology, so it’s free from copyright. So there is scarce chance that it will be banned in Europe and other parts of the globe. It’s worth mantioning here that 5G service is discussed to get banned in Europe and other parts of the country.

Chinese Manufcaturer Huawei is banned in Some Countries

It’s spceculated that as the Chinese manufcaturer Huawei is blocked in some countries, so the introduction of 5G is getting delayed. Some countries have even banned purchasing Huawei Products. Reports convey that Huawei have more information about 5G services than any other company.

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Airtel will start 5G trial with Nokia

Airtel is all set to initiate 5G front trial India in joint venture with Nokia. Because front end technique based unit and Radio, both are interlinked, so by means of this trial both the companies will be pre-prepared for the introduction of 5G techonology in the country. Apart, with help of this trial Airtel might enhance it’s existing network performance. With this they can also get knowledge of the bandwidth demand that the customers search for.

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