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Apple releases iTunes 11.2

Apple iTunes is a media player, media library and mobile device management app. It can be used to organize, download and play audio and video files on OS X and Microsoft Windows operated systems. The iTunes Store is available in iPod touch, iphone and iPad where you can purchase and download ringtones, podcasts, audio books, music, videos and movies.

Apple has released iTunes 11.2 for OS X and Windows. The iTunes 11.2 enables the iPhone users to synchronize their contacts and calenders via USB. This feature was present in the initial versions but was later removed from the subsequent versions. This feature has been reintroduced again in the ITunes 11.2 version to provide better experience to the iPhone and iPod users.

Apple has also come with an update to the podcasts app for iOS. With this update new episodes of podcasts subscribed by the user will be available in a new `Feed’ section and you can download the episodes from this section easily. In order to save your space, now you have the option to delete the videos automatically after you have watched them. Thus your phones won’t run out of space and you don’t have to take the trouble to delete them before saving a new file.

You can now use Siri to control the podcast playback. You can request your desired podcasts by name. The capabilities of Siri have been extended without a core iOS update, this shows that the third party apps can now be integrated with Apple’s voice based “intelligent assistant”. You can open the web links appearing in the podcasts description in Safari browser by simply tapping on them. You can now share the links of specific podcasts through AirDrop. With the Car play support, controls on the steering or a touchscreen console in your cars that support Apple’s in car interface can be used to control the app.

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