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BlackBerry Z10 hits the US Markets today

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry, the most commendable mobile manufacturer of the world, is all set to assume the big taste on its new OS BlackBerry 10, as it launches Blackberry Z10 in the US markets today. On that end the following week will be a crucial phase for the giant manufacturer, since it will study its first earnings based on the new platform to perk up its business.

Prior to a couple of months before its release in the US, the Z10 went on sale in the U.K. on January 21. But its release in the US markets will be closely observed, as US is always the biggest market for Blackberry and basically for the enterprise class people. The Z10, also known as Blackberry 10 is quite different in look and features in comparison to the other phones, the company has released in the past. The sporty outlook of BlackBerry phones, especially the keyboards have always been a special feature of the devices. But Z10 will have no such exterior; rather it features a 4.2” touchscreen   display that dominates its stance. Though no keyboard, yet it seems quite versatile in its outlook.

Though another keyboard featured phone Q10 is already in bags, but Blackberry decided to launch it first. You can get the handset in both rival, yet the biggest cellular carriers of US Verizon and AT&T. While Verizon sells the device at a price of US$600, AT&T has fixed a price of US$550 for the device. Besides, both carriers are providing the device for just $200 with 2 years contract. So, isn’t it quite good for its price? But the details will be known only after a detailed spec info of the device.

The device is supposed to get warm welcome in the US markets as it has been added with numerous breathtaking apps and this is what is supposed to be the key to the phone’s success. The users can get numerous contents including the lately added apps for Delta Airlines, Al Jazeera English, The Times, Amazon Kindle, Open Table and The Wall Street Journal etc. in the U.S. version of BlackBerry world apps. Also lots of entertaining materials including videos and music have been added to the store for your entertainment.

However, some keeps apps including CNN, eBay, Rdio, Skype and The Daily Show Headlines are yet missing from the store and Blackberry announces to make them appear by the following week. Well, the device is expected to touch the next level in selling this time as it has got fabulous response in its initially two releases. Reports from BlackBerry convey that UK launch of the device was three times closer to the best success of the company within the first week of its selling and the Canadian launch date proved to be the best day of selling ever for the giant. It perhaps sold the largest number of BlackBerry Smartphones on a single day yet.

However, chastity of the data is yet under-covered as no meaningful sales data has been disclosed by the company. So, it’s yet to be seen, how much this new handset running on BlackBerry 10 OS is being accepted by the users in the US and how much it’s condemned!

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