Bug in Trucaller, Your Account might Empty in Seconds

If you use Truecaller App, then be aware. The App that identifies the mobile callers was of late gote affected by a dangerous bug which auto registers for UPI payment. Lot many users have already filed complain about this bug. As per the complain, because of this bug a messages is being sent to users on bahlf of Truecaller for UPI registartion.

What’s shocking with the messages is that it’s being sent to users who don’t have even an account in ICICI bank. Many users complain that without their permission also UPI is registered in banks.

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According to the report, the Truecaller users who have account in ICICI bank, their registration is started and those who don’t have an account in the bank, their registration is kept on hold.

Truecaller also acknowledged in his statement that this all happens due to a bug and the version of this bug supported app has been removed from the Play Store and App Store. The company at this moment is investigating the bug and has said that the users can cancel their registration by going to the Menu Bar in the App.

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Worth mentioning here that Truecaller had joined hands with ICICI bank in 2017 for UPI Payments.

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