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Small Mistakes might cost you Much in Online Shopping

No one might have ever imagined that the online market would grow so fast in India. But with changing time, the scope of online market has significantly grown in the country winning people’s trust. Best part of online marketing is that an equal product is listed by different companies so that you have the option to choose the one that best suit your requirements.

Besides, you don’t have to bargain in online websites as the same products is listed in different websites with different price tag. So you have the option to purchase from the online store that tag the least price. In this way, online marketing has ample facilities, but at the same time it has also some loophole. Smallest mistake or negligence while shopping online might put you in trouble. So today we will let you know the things that you must take care of while shopping online.

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Check with the Website

It’s important that you must know about trustworthy websites before shopping online. There are thousands of websites available online which mention products in the name of popular websites like Flipkart and Amazon. For instance, few sites claim to sell Rs.10000 product at Rs.100 or Rs.200. In such circumstances you might be the victim of scam and you might even get duplicate products.

How to recognize Websites

First of all check if the website is secure or not because making payment using insecure websites might cost you heavy. You might loose your credit or debit card credentials. So before starting online shopping, you must check if the website url has a green lock icon and starts with https, because it’s the symbol of secure site. Else you must not trust such websites. Here has an instance of secure website.

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Consciously Check the Social Media Advertisements

At times you must have got messages from friends in which it’s claimed that a Rs.15000 mobile phone is available for sale at Rs.15. To confuse people, often hackers use the logo of Flipkart and Amazon in such messages. At times you must be clicking on such links. But remember, clicking on such links might be too risky as your Smartphone, Computer  or even bank account details might get hacked. If you carefully look at such messages, you will find the url must be by another name.

Distinguish Original and Duplicate products

Sometimes sellers mention fake products in popular eCommerce websites. These sellers fix the price of these products as per the market demand. So if you purchase such product from any website then you must take a note of the labels attached. For example in Flipkart, the products are leveled as flipkart assured and in Amazon labeled as amazon fulfilled. If you find products with such label, then don’t purchase these as the e-commerce companies don’t take the risk of such products. Take a look at these photos.

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Cash on Delivery is Most safe

At times it happens that you have paid for some online products, but the product is not delivered to your home. You wait wait and wait and finally take help of the court to get the cash back. So the safest side is to order products in COD (Cash on Delivery). If this facility is available while placing an order, then you must opt for this option. By opting for COD you save your money and remain safe from fraud.

Don’t save Card Details during Online Payment

While shopping online if any website doesn’t provide the option of COD then you might think its a trusted website and you don’t hesitate to pay in advance for the product you purchase. But make sure that you don’t save your credentials. So while giving your card details you must check if the save card details option is ticked. If ticked, untick it first. By default this option is generally ticked.

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