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Xiaomi’s new entrant into Market, “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear”

xiaomi shoesXiaomi, the China based Mobile manufacturer at this moment is experimenting its tech touch in varied aspects and one such instance was recently seen by the company. The company just expanded its product range by launching the “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear” shoes which is incorporated with Intel’s Curie chip and will provide the users information on the distance you covered or the calories you burnt during an walkout. Of course this is a new taste in integrating technology on some different product.

As per the reports by GizChina, the smart shoes by Xiaomi has been developed Runmi Technology Co. Ltd, a Sanghai based technology ;product manufacturing company. The shoes is packed with Intel’s compact Curie chip which stores all your fitness related data andn the shoes can run up to 60 days with one set of battery.

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The shoes is available for both men and women. The users can use the shoes for walking, running, climbing and also for other purposes. For men, Xiaomi has launched the shoes in black and surf color options while for women it will be made available in black and pink colors. There is also a special blue edition shoes available which glows in dark.

However, here we would like to let you know that the shoes is only available in China and is available for sale at the Mi Home website. The shoes is priced CNY 299 (roughly Rs. 2,900) and will start shipping from April 15th.

So if you are interested to have this shoes for you and reside in China, then you can visit the website as mentioned above.

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