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How to get rid of Bloatware from Motorola Droid Turbo

Is your Motorola Droid Turbo filed with unwanted apps? Yap but those are default and can’t get deleted because of company norms, and then we have a solution to it. Getting rid of bloatwares or unwanted default apps from Motorola Droid Turbo is easy by flashing a zip file called Droid Turbo Block BloatWare. After flashing the zip the system battery life will improve and performance get boosted.

The apps that will get removed are Amazon default apps including Amazon, Amazon kindle, Amazon Music and Amazon App Store. It also removes Cloud, Droid Zap,Help,IMBD,Verizon Message,Migrate,My Verizon Mobile,NFL MobileSlacker Radio,Verizon Voice mail, VZ navigation, VZ protect ,ISIS, VZ Family,Bug2Go,Vcast media manager, Motorola Demo mode and Motorola care internal.  All appreciation to RootJunky for coming up the zip for the Motorola users to remove default unwanted apps.

Blogzamana is not responsible for any loss or damage of smartphone. It is better to make a backup of all the files present in the phone and save it in computer.


Droid Turbo Block BloatWare zip (http://d-h.st/me1x)

Guide to get rid of Bloatware from Motorola Droid Turbo
  1. First make sure you have backup the files and the device must have enough battery to perform the task.
  2. Then download the Droid Turbo Block BloatWare zip from the link given and save it in computer. Unzip the file and save it. Make sure you haven’t changed the file name.
  3. Take your Motorola Droid Turbo smartphone and connect it to computer via USB cable.
  4. Go to the block bloat ware.bat file that you have extracted from the downloaded file and hit it.
  5. After connecting the device and hitting the bat file the phone gets rebooted and apps get uninstall. If in case you wanted to disable the app or remove then navigate to tool and press the shift key right click and select the option “Open Command window here”.
  6. Then type Adb shell “pm block <package-name>”. In the package name replave the app that you want to disable.
  7. Remove the USB cable and enjoy the bloatware free Motorola Device.

Well, congratulations you have successfully learned the procedure to get rid of the unwanted default apps those are bloatwares from the Motorola Droid Turbo by flashing the block apps zip. In case of any doubt do write us.

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