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Mobile Apps that will Keep you Fit Alltime, No need to go to Jim

With every person struggling for existence in today’s world get almost no time to take care of their physical health. We almost don’t have time for going to Jim every morning to keep ourselves fit and fine. In such scenario, we must say thanks to technology that has provided us ample oppertunities to keep ourselves healthy and fit all the time using the diet, nutrition and exercise plan. Now let’s take a look on some such apps that are quite essential for a balanced lifestyle.

fitter app


This app includes features like BMR (Basal metabolic rate), Body fit Percentage Calculator, Diet Tool etc. It let’s the users know about the accurate heart rate for execercise according to their age. This app has its own Social Network which can be used to call users and talk to them. This app also can connect you with a fitness coach, but for that you have to suscribe the paid version.

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Fitso app


This app suggests the users using the BMR (Basal metabolic rate) technology. If you want to reduce calories, then this app can suggest you an option in which you can track your daily calories along with diet journal. It also can suggest you how to burn calories through physical exercise. But before you have to choose an alternative, if you want to burn calories only with physical exercise or only with diet.

calorie counter

Calorie Counter

This app caclulates your daily calory intake as per your regular diet. Based on your weekly calculation to reduce or gain wait, it suggests you the amount of calory you need to intake. This app will keep you informing about the nutrition breakdown in your body owing to the inputs you provide to it.

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So you can also suggest us with some best fitness apps, if you have a list with you.

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