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Top 10 Secret Android Codes that Every Android User must know

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Most of the users across the globe use Android handset being these easy to use and is less-priced. Being Android the most used OS in the mobile world, almost all of us are aware of maximum Android utilities, but today we shall let you know about such Android codes which very few users might have known. So let’s know about the top ten secret Android codes.

1. *#*#4636#*#* : This code will give you complete information about your phone including battery, Mobile details, WiFi information, App usage etc.

2. *2767*3855# : Once you type this code on your Android Smartphone, it will reset your device. It will also delete all your data. So only use this code if you need a fast reset of your device.

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3. *#*#2664#*#* : You can use this code to check the touch screen of your Android handset if it functions properly or not.

4. *#*#0842#*#* : You can check the vibration of your handset using this code.

5. *#*#34971539#*#*: This code gives you complete information about the camera of your Android device.

6. *#21#: Using this code on your Android handset you can know if messages, calls or any other data of your Android device is diverted to any other handset or not.

7. *#62#: At times your mobile number prompts No Service or No-Answer. In such situations you can dial this code on your Android Smartphone to know if your number is redirected to any other number or not.

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8. ##002#: Once you use this code on your Smartphone, it will instantly deactivate all call forwarding on your device. From this code you can get the complete information about forwarding of data and call.

9. *43#: Using this code while you can start the Call Waiting service on your Android Smartphone, you can deactivate this service using the code #43#.

10. *#06#: You can know the IMEI number of your Android handset using this code. This code only assists to track any phone. The IMEI code is different for all Smartphones.

Note: Some of these codes might or might not work according to the version of Android.


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